“Things Are Prettier When Seen From Above”

Santos Dumont

Over the past 30 years of flying and over 16 thousand hours in the cockpit of many types of aircraft, I discovered that we can see the world and nature from a very different perspective than when seen from the ground itself. Flying close to the ground or even 10 thousand meters (35 thousand feet) high and around 900 kilometers per hour (550 mph), we have very different views, everything happens much faster and the landscapes change every second; everything depends upon your point of view. Whoever travels by airplane and does not want to have a window seat, won’t be able to take in the breathless views, see the clouds, sunrise and sunset, the moon in its many phases, the cities all lit up at night or simply admire the sky from much closer. These are really moments that Mother Nature gives us, and when seen from above, can become unique and unforgettable; these are some of the reasons that lead me to create this space to share with everyone these unforgettable views that we pilots have the opportunity and privilege to see on a daily basis from the cockpit of an airplane.

In the dictionary, art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power. This explanation is open to various interpretations. The understanding of a piece of artwork for its aesthetic or emotional energy is closely linked to individual interpretation, which can be influenced by personal preferences, the critics or the media in general. However, their monetary value can differ.

Paintings can be a way to know the mysteries of the universe, a form of knowledge, a way of investigating the world and discovering its secret harmonies. Art talks to all of us in the universe because of its visual self explanation, not relying just on the hearing senses, or the touch senses. This therefore does not need an interpreter in several languages, as do written things, and is appreciated by all human species.